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Elevated Hearing takes a lot of pride in helping our customers hear better and we love it when they share how our products have improved their lives. Take a moment to read how how our approach to technology has helped these customers rediscover their hearing!

"I've worn hearing aids for about 2 years. I can't stop saying positive things about these hearing aids. They are 100% better than my $5000 hearing aids. They're comfortable, easy to use, and really great... I'm going to recommend them to all my friends."

- Gerald K.

"Comfortable. I've tried 3 sets of hearing aids recently and I have only good things to say about these."

- Sarah J.

"I'm really impressed. These hearing aids make everything better. They're very comfortable. I like the number 4 open tips."

- William B.

"I'm liking them more and more every day. I'm very happy."

- David T.

"Couldn't be more pleased! These outperform my other $5,000 hearing aids, they're comfortable and sound clear!"

- Margaret B.

"Phenomenal! My previous hearing aids were heavy and wore down on my glasses and hurt my ears. These do not do that. I really like the sound quality. They even help me hear better in church. Very happy."

- Christine B.

"I hear the television more clearly now."

- Roxie A.

"I needed these badly! I had tried four others that worried me more than they helped me, but these REALLY help me!"

- Lynn R.


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Elevated Hearing's eRITE™ hearing aids are pre-programmed to help those with most types of age-related hearing loss hear more of life's special moments. Simply choose for yourself the eRITE™ color that works best for you!

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