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Elevated Hearing aids are a powerful and cost-effective solution for hearing more of life as you remember it. Designed and built in the USA by an experienced team of engineers, audiologists, and manufacturers, Elevated Hearing is a comfortable and sleek hearing aid for those who desire more intelligible conversations and crisper hearing.

Following a different path than most traditional hearing aids, Elevated Hearing simplifies your route to better hearing at a fraction of the time and expense. Have an Elevated Hearing delivered right to your door without traveling to the hearing clinic, taking a hearing test, or spending money on expensive hearing solutions. Rediscover your hearing and enjoy more of life’s moments with Elevated Hearing!

Hear more of life as you remember it

Even though hearing test results will vary from person to person, the pattern of sound that most people want for better speech intelligibility is remarkably similar. Elevated Hearing’s voice-clarifying circuitry produces sound that is focused to be right in the middle of what’s helpful for most people to hear better. Ready to use right out of the box, Elevated Hearing is specially designed to create crisper, more intelligible conversations. Stop asking, “What did you say?” and start hearing more of what you’ve been missing with Elevated Hearing!

Isn’t it great when things just work?

Simply insert a battery and Elevated Hearing is ready to provide you with better hearing the moment you get it. Most put it on and are happy with the sound right out of the box. From there, Elevated Hearing’s comfortable and interchangeable rubber ear tips allow you to shape the sound to your preferences in any environment. Elevated Hearing provides you with flexibility to fine-tune the sound’s personality while maintaining the key acoustics that help you hear better.


  • 88 bands and channels of HD processing
  • Adaptive Feedback Manager (AFX)
  • Micro-receiver delivers sound directly to ear canal
  • Three-position touch volume button makes adjusting sound level easy
  • Powered by the popular #312 mercury-free battery (available everywhere)
  • Interchangeable easy-CLICK™ tips for personalized sound shaping
  • Sound processor available in tan, silver, and black ice
  • Durable NPS nanotech coating protects against water damage
  • Directional microphones focus on what’s in front of you
  • Sound levels will not exceed 132 dB
  • Complete one-year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Package contents

  • Two Elevated Hearing RIC hearing aids
  • Enough batteries for three months' usage
  • Three alternate sizes of easy-CLICK™ ear tips per each Elevated Hearing sound processor
  • Protective carry case and leatherette zipper carrying case
  • User manual and training guide