The Road to Better Hearing:

Traditional hearing aids vs. Elevated Hearing

The Elevated Hearing system is your fastest route to better hearing. By eliminating many of the tedious steps that come with obtaining a traditional hearing aid, Elevated Hearing can improve your hearing and save you time and money in the process. Simply purchase your hearing aids online and they'll be shipped straight to your door. Follow the two routes to better hearing below and discover the Elevated Hearing difference for yourself!

Traditional Route

Hearing test

Complete a hearing test to determine the need for a hearing aid.

Choose a device

Here, better hearing comes at a higher cost.

Be fitted

Have the hearing aid sized and programmed by a hearing professional.


Professionally fit hearing aids are typically bundled with service appointments costing thousands of dollars up front.


Go home and take time to learn about the many complexities and features of the hearing aid.

Follow-up appointments

Schedule regular meetings with the hearing professional to fine-tune the hearing aid response.

Elevated Hearing Route

Call us toll-free

Let an Elevated Hearing specialist answer all your questions then request your risk-free at-home trial.

Try it out

Once your Elevated Hearing hearing aid arrives at your doorstep, put it on and adjust the volume.


An Elevated Hearing specialist will follow up to make sure everything is working great!

"Phenomenal! My previous hearing aids were heavy and wore down on my glasses and hurt my ears. These do not do that. I really like the sound quality. They even help me hear better in church. Very happy."

- Christine K.

"I hear the television much more clearly now."

- Roxie A.


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