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To succeed in the music industry, you need to have a keen sense of hearing. Booker T. Jones depends on his hearing to keep performing at his best and recommends Elevated Hearing to anyone looking to hear more of life’s special moments!

Grammy Award winning musician Booker T. Jones is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer, arranger and celebrated leader of the band Booker T. & the M.G.'s. A musical prodigy, Jones is acclaimed for his mastery of the organ, piano, oboe, keyboard, saxophone, trombone, guitar, as well as vocals. An iconic presence in the music industry since the early 60s, one thing has remained constant in Booker T.’s life: The need for excellent hearing.

"Creating and sharing music, along with the gift of sound, has given my life tremendous depth and meaning. As a hearing aid wearer myself, I recommend Elevated Hearing’s eRITE™ hearing aid."

- Booker T. Jones

Elevated Hearing's eRITE Hearing Aid

Elevated Hearing’s eRITE hearing aid has helped hundreds of people just like Booker T. hear more of life’s special moments. The user-friendly design of its Receiver-in-the Canal (RIC) hearing aid uniquely offers improved hearing without the need for fittings or doctors appointments.

The eRITE Hearing Aid...

  • Is made in America
  • Costs 70% less than most hearing aids
  • Has 80 channels of HD sound
  • Features a sleek and comfortable design about the size of an almond

Keep the music playing with Elevated Hearing’s eRITE™!

Hear for yourself why Booker T. recommends the eRITE hearing aid.

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