You Live in Different Environments – Shouldn’t Your Hearing Aid Do The Same?

Over the past 30 years, a large-scale annual survey has been conducted to learn more about American consumers’ hearing-aid preferences and buying habits. One of the key findings of this survey was that when people with hearing loss purchase hearing aids they receive more benefit and are more satisfied when the hearing aids provide improved hearing in multiple environments. The more environments the hearing aid can detect and adapt to, the greater the satisfaction.

The environments rated most desirable by hearing aid consumers:

•One-on-One Conversations

•Small Group Conversations




•In the Car

•Church or Lecture Halls


•Movie Theater

The eRITE hearing aid from Elevated Hearing has the technology and programming to enhance the environmental situations consumers find most valuable and important for optimal hearing. Some of the eRITE’s advanced features that help it adjust to a user’s environment include:

Ambient Noise Reduction: Reduces ambient noise when you are in quiet

AFX Feedback Canceller: Eliminates the annoying squeal that everyone but the user can hear

Auto HD Music Mode: Allows music to sound natural without artificial digital interference

Voice Priority Noise Reduction: This internal program can detect the difference between background noise and speech, enabling the automatic selection of specific algorithms for better listening

Auto-Focus Directional Microphones: Each hearing aid is equipped with two microphones controlled by internal digital circuitry. These microphones allow the hearing aid to focus on speech for the listener and thus, reduce the negative effects of background noise.

eRITE hearing instruments incorporate the most advanced technology for maximizing sound quality, speech audibility and listening comfort in nearly every type of listening environment.

The eRITE hearing system combines the use of advanced adaptive features for maximizing listening comfort with wide-band high-frequency amplification that brings life and brilliance to sound; allowing the listener to experience and hear the fullness and beauty of the subtle sounds of nature, the vibrant tones of music, and the many sounds that color daily life.