What Does Moderate Hearing Loss Sound Like?

Perhaps understanding speech is easy when we’re in a quiet room or listening to one or two people, but in noise or from farther away? No way! Some women’s voices may be harder to understand too, as are soft-spoken individuals, especially in noisier environments.

Maybe we find that listening is a strain - that sustained attention is difficult, or we have trouble hearing and understanding, even in easy listening situations. If this sounds like your world, then you may have moderate hearing loss.

For people with this type of hearing loss, hearing aids can tremendously improve their quality of life. You can learn more about your specific hearing loss by completing Elevated Hearing’s Self Assessment. Then, complete this form to discover which Elevated Hearing product will help you hear more of life best!

Looking Old?

A common misconception among hearing aid hold-outs is that hearing aids will make them look old. They need to know it’s just the opposite – they look old when they can’t hear. Help spread the word. Improving your hearing will make you look younger too!

We help people benefit from better hearing without having to break the bank, or accept poor quality. eRITE hearing aids from Elevated Hearing are loaded with technology that delivers real hearing improvement at huge savings.

You can request a FREE no-obligation 10 minute consultation with one of our experts where you can talk about your hearing experience and learn more about how eRITE works. Call 1-877-554-7719 to get started today!