Wake Up Gently and Reliably with the SmartShaker Alarm Clock!

At Elevated Hearing, we know that providing cutting-edge, natural sounding, and cost-effective hearing aids is the best way for people to deal with the effects of hearing loss. But that doesn’t mean that hearing aids are the only products on the market that can make living with hearing loss more convenient. We are always on the lookout for useful products to share with our audience, and are excited to showcase the SmartShaker Smart Wake Up Alarm Shaker by iLuv.

Managed through a convenient app, the SmartShaker is an alarm that goes underneath your pillow and uses vibration twice as strong as a normal smart phone to wake you up gently and reliably without waking up your partner.

Perfect for people with hearing loss or for couples with different sleeping schedules, the SmartShaker alarm is an effective and innovative new approach to the traditional alarm clock.

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Watch the short video below to see how the SmartShaker Alarm Clock can improve your sleeping habits!