Never Worry About Missing a Call, Text, or Calendar Alert with the Ditto Notification Device

At Elevated Hearing, we are always on the lookout for products that would make our customer's lives easier - and we're quick to acknowledge a good idea when we see one. Today we want to showcase the Ditto Notification Device for People with Hearing Loss - a silent, discrete notification device that allows you to feel your phone from 50 to 100 feet away, and notifies you to calls, texts, emails, alarms, calendar updates, and even to a forgotten phone!

For those who suffer from hearing loss, Ditto can help ensure you don't miss a call or text even if you are away from your phone, eliminating the stress of missing an important notification, and making it possible to not always have your phone on your person.

Simple Matters, Ditto Vibrating Notification Device


  • Ditto notifies you to incoming calls, texts, emails, & calendar updates.
  • Ditto has a silent alarm that wakes you and not your partner.
  • Ditto's virtual tether reminds you if you've gotten too far from your phone.
  • Customize your Ditto in the Mobile App. Compatible with Android & iOS.
  • Each Ditto includes Wristband and Battery.

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Why Ditto

  • Notifications - Set up customized vibration patterns for calls, texts, apps, alarms, email & more!
  • Apps - Ditto works with 60+ of your favorite Apps! Compatible with iOS and Android Devices.
  • Favorites - Know exactly who is contacting you, and filter out the rest.
  • Silent alarms - Wake up to the gentle vibes of ditto without disturbing your partner. Set up to three separate alarms.
  • Tether - Never forget or lose your phone again, ditto will alert you if you're too far from your device.

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