Myth Busting: Who Experiences Hearing Loss and Why?

Big tractors, loud music, and old age could all be descriptors of the environment at a country concert. But they’re also common causes of hearing loss. Figures collected by the Hearing Loss Association of America suggest that about 20% of Americans suffer from this public health issue. As trusted providers of eRITE™ affordable hearing aids, Elevated Hearing is committed to educating you and your loved ones about the effects of and solutions for hearing loss in today’s world.

The problems related to hearing loss can be categorized as sensorineural, conductive, or a combination of both. Sensorineural and conductive are fancy terms for damage to the nerves in the inner ear and the little bones in the middle or outer ear, respectively. The most common type of hearing loss is sensorineural loss. Johns Hopkins states that it’s typically not medically or surgically treatable, however that does not mean hearing devices can’t help. Here are three more myths busted:

  1. eRITE Hearing Aid from Elevated Hearing Myth: Hearing loss only happens to old people. A variety of noisy professions including family farmer, construction worker, and ambulance driver can contribute to hearing loss and affect individuals in these industries at any age.
  2. Myth: Hearing loss isn’t a problem if people just talk louder. The best hearing aids do more than amplify voices. They make sound louder but also reduce the irritation of background noise and whistling feedback to provide clearer hearing.
  3. Myth: Hearing loss is annoying but won’t negatively affect my health. Refusing to deal with this issue can upset coworkers, friends, and family members who hate to watch you struggle. In addition, unaddressed loss of hearing can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, or worse. Seeking out reputable hearing solutions is always a better option!

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