How to Get the Right Hearing Aid Without the Need for a Hearing Test

The International Journal of Audiology estimated that around 80% of seniors who could benefit from hearing aids don’t actually wear or even have hearing aids. While there are many factors as to why people don’t seek out supportive devices, a primary concern is the cost and inconvenience of finding the right hearing aid. Between doctors’ appointments, tests, and fittings, selecting an effective hearing aid may seem more trouble than it’s worth.

Thankfully, new technology and methods are making it easy to find and comfortably use hearing aids – and even bypass the scheduling of hearing tests.

Most people with hearing loss experience mild to moderate issues with high-frequency sound and consonants. Because of these wide-reaching similarities, a hearing test is really only necessary in a minority of cases. One adjustable set of hearing aids, produced at a lower cost due to efficiencies from standardization, meets the needs of many, many people with hearing loss.

Striking the right balance between standardization and flexibility allows hearing aids to be manufactured and used without the need for customization and a hearing test while helping as many people as possible. Elevated Hearing’s eRITE™ hearing aid is produced and available at a comparably low cost, but comes with interchangeable rubber tips and volume control that allows for a broad range of personalization.

Skip the test, skip the expensive alternatives, and get a hearing aid that works for you. Call Elevated Hearing at 877-554-7719 for more information!