Hearing Aids Do More Than Give You Better Hearing

The use of digital hearing aids can reduce the negative health effects of social isolation.Engaging in social activities has a positive effect on an older person’s overall health by providing opportunities for interpersonal interactions that are so critical for coping with the challenges of aging.

When an individual has difficulty with simple everyday communication, they develop a tendency to withdraw from their social network. They begin to lose meaningful contact with neighbors, friends, siblings, and other family members. Social withdrawal can also interfere with adequate medical care as the individual becomes less engaged with their medical care and personal hygiene. Social isolation can increase the risks for cognitive decline and even early mortality.This is especially the case when the individual loses interest in physical activities. In fact, such decline can increase the risk for mental health problems, cardiovascular problems, and responding poorly to stress.

Researchers at the Veterans Administration found that hearing loss among older veterans was associated with a decline in their social network, a reduced interest in leisure-time activities, and an increase in feelings of inferiority and loneliness1.

In 2008, data from the South Australian health Omnibus Survey found that social isolation was closely linked to depression and hearing problems.

It is clear that age-related hearing loss can have very negative consequences if left untreated. The use of hearing aids in this population can help reduce feelings of depression and isolation while removing the burden placed on family and friends as they try to work with their partner with hearing loss. Hearing loss reduces the ease of communication and as a result reduces the quality of a person’s social life leading to a decrease in their overall quality of life.


Digital hearing aids improve communication and improve social activities as a result. Such improvement of an individual’s social network improves their quality of life and helps fend against the negative consequences of isolation. Elevated Hearing helps streamline this process by providing the simplest path to better hearing. Learn more about our hearing aids online and discover how they can help improve quality of life for you or a loved one.

1Weinstein, B., & Ventry, I. M. (1982). Hearing impairment and social isolation in the elderly. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 25, 593–599.