Extend the Life of Your eRITE Hearing Aids with the Dry Caddy Cleaning Kit for Hearing Aids

For those of you who have purchased the eRITE Hearing Aid from Elevated Hearing, or have another brand of hearing aid, we wanted to share a helpful product for cleaning your hearing aids efficiently and easily called " The Dry Caddy". The Dry Caddy is a convenient drying tub that captures the moisture from your hearing aids. Simply place your hearing aids on the dry-brick within the small white tub, and close the container. The Dry Caddy is a great way to keep your hearing aids clean and can help them to have longer lifespan.

Dry Caddy Dry Aid Kit for Hearing Aids


  • Keeps your hearing aids from moisture damage
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Captures moisture in hearing aids
  • Full kit including small tub, Six dry-bricks, and large cylindrical box to put everything in its place
  • Comes in a convenient tub to take with you anywhere you go

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