Simply. Better. Hearing.

Start hearing more of life as you remember it with Elevated Hearing! Our innovative and sleek eRITE™ hearing aids are among the most powerful and cost-effective hearing devices you can buy online today. Following a different path than most traditional hearing aids, Elevated Hearing strives to simplify your route to better hearing at a fraction of the cost.

Just imagine… receiving a new hearing aid without traveling to the hearing clinic, taking a hearing test, or spending money on expensive hearing solutions. Better hearing can be that simple! Backed by decades of experience in the hearing industry, the Elevated Hearing team is ready to show you just how easy improving your hearing can be. Rediscover your hearing and embrace more of life’s special moments with Elevated Hearing!

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eRITE™ is a small, more powerful sound processor

Breaking the mold of most traditional hearing aids! eRITE™ hearing aids combine sleek styling with powerful sound processing capabilities that will leave your friends and family wondering how you improved your hearing so fast. The eRITE™ hearing device is much smaller than competing RITE hearing aids and fits comfortably behind the user’s ear hidden from others. Break free from awkward hearing devices that just don’t meet your needs with Elevated Hearing’s eRITE™ hearing aids!

Elevated Hearing was crafted with you in mind

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Order your 30-day trial and if you’re not satisfied, return it for a complete refund of your purchase price.

Save time:

We’ll deliver Elevated Hearing hearing aids right to your doorstep so you can spend your time on what’s really important.

Stop the whistling:

The built-in AFX Feedback Manager provides you with clearer hearing by reducing the irritation of whistling feedback.

Enjoy speaking with loved ones:

Elevated Hearing’s acoustic tuning provides a natural high-frequency boost for more intelligible conversations.

Rest easy knowing your hearing is covered:

Every Elevated Hearing eRite™ hearing aid purchased comes with a full one year warranty.

Find the hearing solution that is right for you!

Elevated Hearing's eRITE™ hearing aids are pre-programmed to help those with most types of age-related hearing loss hear more of life's special moments.

Simply choose for yourself the eRITE™ color that works best for you!